A Global Project to Build a More Sustainable Future

A Global Project to Build a More Sustainable Future

Our world is changing and becoming more digital every day. If we are not evolving or enabling our customers and our business to do things differently, we will not be able to keep ahead of the game.

To ensure we collectively reach our full potential, we have launched a global project called “Customer Centre of the Future”. All of our customer centres (every Desoutter site across the world) will take part in this project with the goal of reaching their full potential as quickly and efficiently as possible. Working with our teams we will challenge everything we do from recruiting new team members to delivering enterprise solutions to our customers. By taking part in this project, we will help our teams challenge, change, increase agility and continually look for improved ways to engage with our customers.

The project recently kicked off with its first seminar, bringing together Central, Eastern and Western Europe, and Turkey. Delivered across three days, the participants took part in various strategy and planning workshops focusing on the project’s five pillars: Sustainability, People, EcoSystem, Digital and Engagement. The seminar facilitated incredible interaction between participants, each bringing their ideas and learning new ways of working, from each other.

Veronika Gajanova, Marketing and Communications Manager, one participant of the seminar said: “We would like to praise the diversity of the event because it brought together people in various positions, from different countries, and let us all work together on multiple topics, within a small safe bubble. This inevitably led to a lot of conersation and idea-generation.”

Mark Taylor, General Manager UKI and CCoF Project Lead said: “This project is designed to challenge everything we do today and how we can create an environment that actively encourages positive change for tomorrow. We were delighted to collaborate with our colleagues from Europe and Turkey, and to take them on a journey that will enable the continued evolution of our businesses.

“By constantly challenging everything we do creates the climate for change. It opens our minds and enables us to think about doing things differently, leading to increased agility, efficiency and a new of way of working.

“I would like to thank the complete team for driving this event forward, for working with our global colleagues to support and challenge their ideas, to help them create an organisation that embraces change in our fast-paced world, and to always be synchronised with our customers.”

So, what is next? The project team have the next steps planned and milestones in place to support every customer centre with rolling out this initiative within their own teams.

Now, our teams will connect and share with their colleagues as we move forward with this exciting project.


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