Why PivotWare?

Why PivotWare?

Why PivotWare?

PivotWare is the most flexible Windows-based process control software that has been specifically designed to transform manufacturing environments.


Value to the production line

No-faults forward

It is impossible for an operator to move past a production step if the build is incorrect.

Full traceability

Total oversight and analysis of every step including performance tracking.

Data analysis

By using tracked data in the right way, it becomes meaningful and in turn a production line’s most valuable asset – identify trends, gaps, micro-stops which improves efficiency.

Customer ownership

Intuitive drag and drop process flow creation which enables dynamic changes to be made locally without the need for specialist support.

Globally standardised

Cost is significantly reduced as the need to purchase further equipment when the production line changes is eliminated.


A completely adaptable solution that can fit a factory in its current status or as it changes in the future.

In the example below you will see an 11-step process containing the following actions:

  1. Log in
  2. Scan product
  3. Scan variant
  4. Select build
  5. Locate part
  6. Confirm placement
  7. Scan PCB
  8. Tighten 4 off PCB screws with clutch tool
  9. Visually confirm
  10. Scan lit
  11. Tighten 6 off lid screws with nano driver in sequence
  12. Complete

 As the operator moves through each step, you will notice it is not possible for him to progress until the previous step has been actioned correctly.

PivotWare can fit into any assembly line and will guide any operator through the correct process, first time, every time.

We can demonstrate PivotWare at your facility - get in touch with our team.


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