Desoutter's localization and positioning solutions ensure that these goals are safely achieved in terms of quality, productivity and ergonomics.

Position and locate battery tools safely

Desoutter's localization and positioning solutions ensure that these goals are safely achieved in terms of quality, productivity and ergonomics.

In assembly, production managers do not want to leave anything to chance: The screw should be tightened with the right tightening parameters at the right place on the right component. To achieve this, the tool must be available and activated exactly where it is needed. In addition, workers should be able to work unhindered while remaining fit and healthy. Desoutter's solutions for locating and positioning ensure that these goals are reliably achieved in terms of quality, productivity and ergonomics.

Whether only a single screw is tightened with a single tool or a complex component with many different screw locations has to be machined on several levels and on several sides: As different as the requirements in assembly are, as different are our solutions.

1- The "nexonar" Desoutter system offers maximum flexibility for positioning. It can record in three dimensions the position of the tool and component in a previously defined work area. In this way, screwdriving positions can be controlled with millimeter precision.
2- Our "virtual cable" ensures above all that the screwdriving tool is only functional in a defined area - and prevents misappropriated uses, for example at the neighboring workstation.
3- The comparatively simplest solution for more safety and ergonomics are tool stands and torque arms to which the tool is attached. These handling aids facilitate the manual positioning of the tool on the screwdriving point at a manageable budget. However, they also offer fewer options and less flexibility overall.

nexonar: Higher quality for complex positioning tasks

Wireless flexible and error-free assembly: nexonar takes your positioning tasks to new dimensions and thus increases assembly quality. The system consists of at least one camera with a special filter, with which the infrared trackers located on the tool are detected within a defined space. Screws are tightened in the correct position, in the intended sequence and with the appropriate screw parameters. The position of the tool is detected with millimeter precision - on the X, Y and Z axes. If it comes too close to the wrong screwdriving point, the system locks the tool. The entire process is controlled via our "Connect" smart hub, for example. As a data center, it ensures communication between the components.

By the way, with the help of nexonar not only the tool can be freely recognized and moved in space. The component can also be drawn into the positioning: A reference tracker attached to the workpiece transmits its exact position - and thus the position of each screwdriving point. The prerequisite is that there is visual contact between the camera, tool and component. Incidentally, the nexonar camera functions only as a locating device. It does not record any images. If it is necessary to cover large viewing areas, several cameras can be used.

Virtual cable: Reliable localization of battery-powered tools

Our "virtual cable" puts controlled cordless tools on a leash without limiting employee flexibility. This solution ensures that a cordless tool is only operated at the station for which it is intended. It can then no longer be switched on at the neighboring station, which usually requires different fastening elements and screwdriving parameters. This fulfills a prerequisite for traceable assembly. The basis of this localization solution is our Smart Hub Connect, which acts as a data center to ensure communication between the components and to which a so-called tracking base is connected. Trackers are attached to the tools, which are connected to the tracking base. For each tool, its radius of action can be defined separately, and the Connect monitors this area.

The virtual cable is easy to set up, can be extended to any number of WLAN-enabled tools from our current product portfolio, and can be retrofitted at any time. The tracking base and tracker communicate via radio using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology.

Tool stands and tool arms: Quality improvement with simple means

If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to increase ergonomics and safety in assembly, you can attach the screwdriving tools to tool stands or (telescopic) torque arms. These handling aids take the weight of the tools and thus relieve the strain on assembly workers. At the same time, they contribute to more precise screw fastening - and increase quality in production. The D53 tool stand and the TRA telescopic carbon arms are available as simple, excellent assembly aids in the Desoutter range. During assembly processes with hand-held screwdriving tools, they noticeably relieve the arm, wrist and shoulder.

The D53 stands are suitable for users who have a high interest in ergonomics and at the same time want to improve their bolting quality - for example, in automotive, commercial vehicle or agricultural machinery manufacturing and their suppliers or also in the production of white goods. The ergonomic helpers can be used in a variety of applications and, thanks to their compact design, require very little floor space at the workplace. Rod, pistol and angle screwdrivers can be clamped in the 90° rotatable tool holder. Additional holders are available for individual tools, so that they can be safely guided to the screwdriving point and placed exactly on it. This reduces the risk of damage to workpiece surfaces. In addition, inaccuracies are avoided during machining, for example during drilling or thread cutting.

For exact positioning on the screwdriving point, our tool stands are also available with position encoders: In cooperation with a control system, the D53 allows tracking of the tool position on the X/Y axis during the assembly process. For this purpose, it features linear and rotary encoders.

Tools can be positioned even more precisely and flexibly with our TRA telescopic tool arms. The lightweight carbon arms not only support the weight of the tool, but also absorb vibrations and reaction torques, depending on the model. The arms are equipped with two position encoders and achieve an accuracy of ± 5 mm. The torque supports work in conjunction with many Desoutter controls. These provide the operator with the position of the tool and detect it during the tightening process. TRA carbon arms also have 90° rotatable tool holders for bar, angle and pistol screwdrivers. The units can thus be used for horizontal bolting just as well as for vertical bolting.

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