When is a right angle not the right angle? Desoutter's Geared Front Attachment complete solution

When is a right angle not the right angle? Desoutter's Geared Front Attachment complete solution

Demands from increasingly discerning consumers mean that more equipment than ever is being packed into the same space. For instance, we expect air-conditioned comfort when we travel in trains, aeroplanes and cars: and if we do need to adjust our seating position or open a window, we prefer an electrically operated option. As a result, space within engine bays, under bulkheads and behind control panels is at a premium.


This makes assembly increasingly challenging. It is quite common for operators to find that fasteners are positioned too close to surrounding panels or too close to other components to be accessible using a single tool. Indeed, the modern assembly line worker needs to be a contortionist to reach fasteners positioned overhead or at odd angles – let alone tighten them correctly.

Consumers are not going to stop asking for new features, and product designers are not going to stop trying to cram more functionality into the same space. So, we need to develop new tools that can help operators to complete their assembly tasks safely and effectively.

This is where Desoutter comes in. We believe in developing integrated solutions that address multiple pain points as simply and effectively as possible. For example, we have recently introduced a range of tightening solutions with SALTUS geared front attachments on Desoutter handheld tools (pneumatic or electric; battery or mains powered; clutch or transducer). Using ‘standard’ tightening technologies, the tool can be customized to achieve high class assembly in challenging applications.


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Desoutter with SALTUS offers a selection of crowfoots and can be combined with a 90° or 110° angle head. A patented indicator confirms that the attachment is correctly engaged, saving time and ensuring safe operation. For added flexibility, the new attachment is suitable for use on tube nuts as well as standard nuts and bolts – with or without a hold & drive option. There is even a nifty integrated magnet in the head that attracts swarf and metal particles to prevent wear and improve tool durability!

In addition to improved accuracy and efficiency in operation, the modular, universal design of Desoutter with SALTUS offers customers many additional benefits. Custom solutions can be ordered in the same way as a standard tool, saving time and simplifying the process. With all tool assembly and calibration undertaken at Desoutter’s own site, the performance and ergonomics of the final product are optimized. The simplified order process and efficient product integration also result in shorter lead-in times – so customers can get their tool delivered in half the time.

Moreover, tool servicing and maintenance are much simplified using Desoutter’s unique digital twin. This allows customers 24/7 access to comprehensive product documentation.

I think you will agree that Desoutter total solutions like this bring a whole new angle to efficient assembly.

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